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The Best American Sauce Recipes on Yummly | American Chop Suey, Southern Pecan Crab Cakes, Easy Spicy Mexican-american Chicken

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Sauce américaine is a recipe from classic French cookery containing chopped onions, tomatoes, white wine, brandy, salt, cayenne pepper, butter and fish stock. It is sometimes known as sauce armoricaine, which is the original name, derived from Armorica, the ancient name for a region of France including Brittany, which is known …

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Ironic or not, American Sauce is a description used in Europe, typically in UK. As Petitbleu correctly noted Sauce Américaine is a classic French sauce invented in Paris by a chef who earned the nickname „Chicago“ because he had worked in kitchens there.

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If someone asked you to define “American sauce,” what would you say? According to Heinz, it has tomatoes, shallots and parsley but is an odd shade of orange.

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Make a light roux by … whisking until the sauce thickens to a mild creamy … more cheese, if desired, and serve over pastas, potatoes, vegetables, or casseroles.

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A photo on Reddit proves one kind of dressing is sold in Germany as „American Sauce.“

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A spicy sauce used as a condiment or for flavoring various recipes. It is usually made with chilies, vinegar, and salt. Louisiana Hot Sauce. A hot sauce made with red hot peppers, vinegar, salt, and special spices. …

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Because we love our country and believe our sauces reflect the values of the American table. American Pasta Sauce by Nellino’s is about value, quality, supporting U.S … : Heinz – American Sauce – 220 ml : …

Someone posted a picture of this on imgur I think. And the curiosity got the better of me as to what other countries think America tastes like. I bought 2 bottles, and have determined that apparently Germans think America tastes like an even mix of mustard and mayo, with a little dash of ketchup …


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2015-04-13 · The 23 Most Popular American Hot Sauces, … I Chugged Some of The World’s Hottest Hot Sauce, … GE and Thrillist are teaming up on a… hot sauce?